Peepul R Stupid

Da stupidsity is endless. Hooman bwains
ewrywheres. Hurtsing my ears. Pokin

noses into places, wheres no hooman
shudd enter. There shudd be fences.


Happy New Year

(Image from here)

Your happies is a silent tappin:
a frail voice froms undah da ice

Da animal is cryin froms wiffin,
ignorsing global warmin,

I hears your slows dyin,
da hope of rejuvanatin:

a slow candle flickring
for da new year.


Da Lub Songs

Da lub songs
i sings to no-1

R all gone
nao, to da dogs,

I's onli longin
nao, an empti

ball uf yarn,
dis yearning

is undeservd
& hurtin in

kitteh insides,
trail ail ling.


Forget It

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Furst, u tells meh
i has little brains

Secund, that
i knows nuffing

Thurd, dat i is
“only” fluffy fing

Fourth, dat i can’t
count 2 five

Sixth, u want
my fluffyness

2 warms ur

forget it.


Opun Gaol, Opun Goal

more animals

i am an opun goal,
pressure points R her/e
and ther, & then sum,
as they say, she

keeps pressin.
but NO is forever
when it comes
in big letturs.

but gaol is opun,
prisonurs keep
escapin, 2 my
amazment, despite

stony determinashun
& clay feet. but her hair
& mine won’t meet,
weeks will pass, years

will pass by. our hairs
wont entwine,
no confeshun, no relees,
no lub 2 call mine.