Little Fing

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little fing, how can u be so annoyin
and amazing, so cute, how cans u keep

tuggins my heart strings, playin
da cell and da o, virtuoso,

bootiful tune on dees strings,
while tearin da kurtain, clawin

da sofa, eatins me outs
uf da house, little fing.


I Can Has Enrgy?

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Iz hard wurk beein kitteh: so mush bird 2 chase,
so mush yarn 2 play wiff. So mush brains wurk.

Todays I hads 2-3 thougths, iz absloutlely exhausted.
I iz thotghts abouts fishes, cheezburgars and abouts

sleepin scshedule. Perhapps also abouts kitteh I
iz in lubs wiff, whoevur dis might B. If onli i coulds




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no more talks, hey? bridges all b burned, hey?
wut abouts all da hoppin about i did, all da

cheezburgas i prepareds 4 U? Non uf dis
matters anymoar? ashas 2 ashas must return?

me aunt died today, kitteh, btw, wut can I say,
how smalles it all seems nao she’s gone.

she wuz flowrs 2 me, and happiness, ands
talking bouts da weathers with luv.



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Y U callins me name 4? Wut do U want?
I has no benifits, no hairblls, no chocklate-chip

cookis, & no obediens in my buddi. I comes if
I feels like it, & if U makes me some cheezburgers.



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i members da perfume,
so sudden, unxpected,

hoo were u plannin
2 woo, i wonders,

we wuz only frends, ever,
u dont have a bone,

plannin ackshulli 2 stay
awai 4 as long as u can.

so nuffin 2 do wiff me, at all,
i shuddnt have smelld it at all


Nuffin Again

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U are really borin me now, away-kitteh
i dont even knows how 2 muster up some

feelins 4 u. Nuffin abouts u endears me
animore, not ur tiny jaws, nor teef,

nor tiny feet or smelly bafroom.
Nuffin muss come 2 nuffin in da end?



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i know wut ur doin
your edgin away

why dont u just leaves
4 sure, 4 good,

i dont cares


Re Moved

Twise removed – first by transatlantic jet
– second by all da mistakes I made

coz littlez kitteh brain. I tried to paddle
throufh da hurricane, I maded a hughes

fail in dose waves, swimmins franticly
twards a non-crashin plane in my hart


Dose Eyeses

dose eyeses can nock a horse doan
& i iz da smallest fing

dat nudge can turn a hippo ovah
so pweese considah me tiny size,

my lack uf time 4 lubberi,
& genral vulnrabiliti


PWEESE talks 2 me

kitteh searches 4 her pencils, her numbars,
her nubians, her promotishinal papers.

they B all in your hair, I tells her, wut
can I say? Nuffin. Gives me dat pees

uf papur & den we’ll talk. Gives me
a little bit uf your hair. Da air

is fulluf it & dis unhelthi relatshunships
wiffout pilots and nevah takins off,

nevah sayin anyfing, but complains:
me stomach is too big, it carries

butterflyse carry-ons & butter
cups around ur humps like a

nevah-sayin-nuffin pees uf
adminstrative silence.


Kitteh Goes Spirishual

4 reel. my wife
from anudder life

has joind me in da
bukkit. were u

man or woman
kitteh, i wonders.

was ur bodi a
play fing tumblin

joyfulli thro da
air, was we on

anudder planit?
did we fly

thro watur and sky
liek kittehs in

slow moshun?
was u small-bodied

den as now?
was ur thoughts

as big as stars
and clouds, as now?