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“Felicitous means ‘apt, pleasant, delightful’”
she saids, & wifdrew into kitteh scholarhood.

I wants 2 crawl in2 her head 2 finds delishus,
felishious thoughts & langage decifered.

I wants 2 shed hairs in her house, reads
felishously left papurs, & comment, I want

2 use me hughe Kitteh bwain. I want feline
interakshun, kitteh-2-kitteh delishusness.


Cold Kitteh

Cold kitteh, if cud, I wud takes ur littuls bodi
home wif me, embed it in duvets and blanketts,

brings U hot tee & long-johns. We wud wastch tv
& talks abouts teh dis & teh dat, cashualli. We’d

snooz and laffs at da hoomans, like homans laff
at americans, we’d philosiphise abouts their

marvallous spellin, and say “they sures knows da
langage, buts not hows to speaks it intellegntli.”

Then go backs to bed, safe, warm, sleepsin -
like kittehs - twentifive hours a day.



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Her littles bodi, behind glass,
her B-ing, dependsin on me, it seems

& so littles I can do. They
lieks not her fethurs, her style,

her eatsin. Her writsin, I likes
it, da shaky fethur pen spellin

miss. I miss it, liek I miss
my freedom uf felicous speech,

teh feline welcome, all gone,
hunter collegeaus sink them

teefhs into her, and in me their
is nuffing but gilt and bloddy

angur at unfairness. Hows can
I save Ur fethurs, now?


Pink Dress

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I has 2 wear a skirt 2morrow,
it’ll kills me, liek it would U.

Imagine Urself in pink frills,
feels wut I feel. Librate da

kittehs!! Ban da pinkness!!
Iz likes puttsin lipstick

on dogs, all wrongs! Vote
4 Sad Kitteh nows!


Looksin In2 Eyeses

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4 a sec today, she looked into my eyeses. INTO dem,
do u know wut dat like? Not ordnary lookin, but IN2!

Throuf black vortex of da iris, past red trucks, yellow
dollies, all da toys uf childhood, & further stills. Like

lightnings its was, dis sudden being lookd into. An
angiogram coulds not haves lukkd deepr. Chopak

coulds not havs meditated his way into my soul cells
like dis, dis look lockd into da inner of my fingies.



Humorous Pictures
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Finalli we iz talksin agen. Ur hand
is talksin 2 my hand. Paw-2-Paw style

pow-wow. Kitteh bwains kommunikatsin
bodies-langage-wize. So glad U understands.



moar funny pictures

Hun, hows I can flirts wiff u?
U so far awai and starnge langage too

U has, I can’t has understands.
Da interwebs confuse me, there B

so manies buttons, buts naos
ur here, in dreems, 4 reel,

I wants U 2 scooch
ovah heres.