Wher Da Deer Kitteh Lettah?

y do i punish maself in this way
y do i keep my skype on
y am i still waitsing
y am i still expectatsing

sum kinda exkuse or explanashun
sum kinda “i was onli jokin,
onli testin the grounds, onli pokin
a littels at ur sad kitteh heartses”

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Noe Moor Hoppin, Gay Kitteh

Noe moor happnin, no moor k’s
in everythinK, no more cockney kisses.

Noe more hoppin hopes, bypassin
lifelong, karma-delayed queues, there

is no way. So, no more hoppin,
gay kitten, the hoops are all rebuttond.

Gay Is the Kitteh Noe Moor

Gay is the kitteh noe moor, it iz
a sad being onli. I hates dis sinkin feelin,
havin invested this feelin in nutting,
nuttin at all. Betrayeds by dis stoopid

Intuition. Disappointeds. Disalloweds
from evan playing teh game. I no can has Kitteh Friend.
I no can has her. My non-perfect shaky-hand

thin house-mate and companion in matters
difficult and academic. Fool I am?
Nutting nuttin no-thing at all.


So Wut U Doin Up?

- Sup? So wut u doin up
so lait? Partin all nite
or wokring perhaps?

- No Kitteh, I’m still wait-
sing for yous replieses,
cherrying the ones I havses

so fah, readsing dem ova an
ovah. Sup wif u den?
Still avoidsing?

Still aksing
wut the wethur like
and etcetera?

I says
I aint no plague,


I Has Word

I has word, fnally:
Shez commin, finlly:
Trhough a slow

Seez of syrup
Migrration bord lettah
Turnin pulp on the wai

Puppahs drownsing
Leftan rite whilez
My hartses turns 2 snow


Spels my Names

Jus wen i thought
She lubs me, she go a hed
An spels my name

”Asd Itken”
”Asha Sksen”
“Sad Kitten”

I xplains to miself
It’s her bigg brains
an noe time fo littels letters

I noe can has ticko ff
this unredstandes



She writses! She writses!
I gots a massege!

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Outsda Closet

I mait as well, nao
that she’s noe writings
to me, admit I cannots spell

an that I iz gay.
C, it didnst hurts
so much kitteh

Y u so worrieds. It
takes sevral minits
fo wolfpack to come.

& u r not alone
in dis whinin
beatin, dis skinnin

happens 2 all of us
moe o less,