Proofrock n Strayt Kitteh

Letuz go den u an i
when da evening stains da sky
like a stray kitteh straight on a table,
wanting nuffing but men,
cute handsome men, hows can
u livs withouts dem,

huh? We drives doan
streets dat follow a tedious argument
of insidius intendt
to a chinese restruant,
wher da beans be spilled.

I wuz a tomcat, born wiff it,
dis who I ams. She luvs hoymans.
nutting but men, bautiful fings, dis ho she
IZZ. I'z dun aksing “what is it?”

letuz go makes our visit
to hartbrakes hotels. I parted
mai hair behind my earz,

it didst not help at all.
And the men come and go
talking about kittehlangelo.

I licked da corners of da evening,
breathsing, heartsing, coaxing,
“will u at least” and kitteh
said yes. I should have been

unsurprised, prepared for the blow,
shuld have hads the knows-how
abouts dees man-eaters, dees mendashus

sad-kitteh-haters, pulling strings, den pulling
dem apart. I serves my hart
in a rice bowl, with coffespoons

of sprawling pins and needles.
Strayt kitteh watches me fall
wiff da soot that falls from chimneys
into standing pools in drains


Red Is da Rock Tonite

Good night, kitteh, good night, sweet kitteh, good nite, good nite.
I iz a good knigtht, knifing the Thames fo scrapes of kittehgod eh,
Red is da rock tonite, and bleedsing.

Hounds feedsing on fisher queen of indirectness. So sullen
dis unexpectness. I said no. Swollen maggohs in my throat,
I said no. Hounds in my achings back, clawsing my spine.

I said no, no, no. Don’t not come.
Asha Shan Hanti Shantih Asha Asha Shanti.
Asharrghni. Ashrragnig. Anhtrashanti.


Eye Is Teh Dark One

My Kitteh haz left me
in a heaps of off-lineness
tangleds wireds of intaweb
growsing anschient,

grey-hairy. I concludes she
hatez me. A word I no can
has? ’Puter-cold late

littles word? Odds notz
favrobal. Eye is teh dark one.
Horses outta control.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


Bitty Frihgtned

Kitteh is all agony, all itty bitty scared
all oveh. Dis is fah from ovah, da dificults
has jus begun. I has to havs loves in mai

littles brain fo years to com. She crazy thing,
2 much imagining an anrger an starngels
of desires. An I be a worthless thing.