Proofrock n Strayt Kitteh

Letuz go den u an i
when da evening stains da sky
like a stray kitteh straight on a table,
wanting nuffing but men,
cute handsome men, hows can
u livs withouts dem,

huh? We drives doan
streets dat follow a tedious argument
of insidius intendt
to a chinese restruant,
wher da beans be spilled.

I wuz a tomcat, born wiff it,
dis who I ams. She luvs hoymans.
nutting but men, bautiful fings, dis ho she
IZZ. I'z dun aksing “what is it?”

letuz go makes our visit
to hartbrakes hotels. I parted
mai hair behind my earz,

it didst not help at all.
And the men come and go
talking about kittehlangelo.

I licked da corners of da evening,
breathsing, heartsing, coaxing,
“will u at least” and kitteh
said yes. I should have been

unsurprised, prepared for the blow,
shuld have hads the knows-how
abouts dees man-eaters, dees mendashus

sad-kitteh-haters, pulling strings, den pulling
dem apart. I serves my hart
in a rice bowl, with coffespoons

of sprawling pins and needles.
Strayt kitteh watches me fall
wiff da soot that falls from chimneys
into standing pools in drains

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