A, I knows U not readings dis,
but i muss tell U i luved U 2 bits,

still do. Nuffing saddens me so
xtremly like dis – Y U havs 2 treet me

like shit 4? Wut point? Y we no can has
understandins? I has 2 much sensitif

& 2 much afraids? I has 2 much
idiot brains? Iz it alls my falt?

Y we no cheezburger can has 4?
Y we muss havs imcombatible 4?

Has U decided 2 talks 2 me no moar?
Iz it bygones B bygones now?

Has I burnt my ships, R my lips
frozen to da pole, buttocks stuck

in uncomfy chairs, paws
unsnug in hooman mittens?

Was our sharing da wickerd basket
an inadvertent cosiness that followds

da randomness of airplanes fallin
outs uf da sky like moths drawn

2 da lite? Wuz da grabbity drownin
me hart in you-ness a fing uf

chancy blinksin? & sinse U cannots
answer, how shall i presume?

How shall i resume? Where is my
bukkit? How shall da spells B checkd?

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