Suspishous Kitteh Looker

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Y iz U looksin at me like dat?
Aftah months of loosin me

froms ur body, carefulli,
liek an uncomfy bra, da way

hooman she-kittehs do it,
intricatli, wif great care,

sinse bra-straps R traps,
I am told. Y U iz looks

into my eyes, wif intesiti,
liek dat, all day? I iz happi

and uncomfi and confusd.
I iz stirred and shakun

and strugglins wif myself,
consultins my inner advisor,

unfortunatli on holiday.
I wants 2 embed U into

my reality, not sure abouts
U, wut U wants. A someone

2 drives U home? A fur-stroker?
A broker 4 your home?

Desire drives me 2 Insane,
then to Inane, da city fulls of

horns, hairs, and overly
suspishous kitteh oglers.

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