2nd Birf uf Cheezburger

Turnin & turnin in da widening gyre
Da birdie cannots hear da hungary kitteh;
Thingies r crazi; shoppin centre closes;
Mere anarchy iz loose upon da markit,
Da fish tank breakses, and evriwhere
Innisent kittehs gets horrobli wet,
and has no-can-believes-in, while dogs
yap away energetikalli.

Comeon! sum lighter muss B lyin arond;
Comeon! surely anudder cheezburgerz on da way.
Anudder Cheezburger! I onli meowed dis tought
Den Celing Cat’s giant uncombed fur gots
In my eyeses: sumwheres in cheezburgerless land
There b a starnge lion-hooman thingie,
Who stares like mad dog wiffout empapity,
Movsing its inadqate leggies, while all aronds it
Shadows uf oh-so-tasty but stoopid birdies fly about.
Da darkness falls down again; but finaly i knows
Dat forever sleeping in stones not so gud aktualli,
Will makes u dreem uf dogs throwsing rocks,
& what rofl dog, its thyme at last in da world-nose,
Will skid ungrasefuli towards cheezburger?

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