Prejudish Flies

Asian flies are
swarming my littel
would-be lubber’s
littel head

she leans on me
for an outlet 2
her infallible
her greatness,

her nonexisting
lubbery of me.
It was me who
supported this
stupid idea

thees cups of tea
dis exessive non-
speaksin madness,
yes I suggested it
& nao it will brings me

down, my mudder
will havs 2 buri me
b4 dis is done, and
it’s all yer fault,
infallible 1.


lotto tickets said...

We should have a great day today.

Elin said...

Dear Lotto Tickets, thx 4 ur inkredible insigtful comment. Not bads 4 a 'puter! I wills shar dis wif all mi friens uf course. Nao if u coulds onli brings me sum lubbs and unredstandings i would be in pradise.