Colonial Kittehs

we is sittin in a farawai contri
sippin tea, bein colonial and veri

amiable, personable, inbetween
our bouts uf manegerial diffrensis

& personal crysis. we divides dees
contris between us. u taik india

& china, i go shoppins 4
udder terrtories, and den some.

ill have cows & meddows,
lilacs, ovahgrown paddocks

& run-down houses. ill take
da lot, dream kittehs & all.

dis fall wills b ours, u knows,
from grace to dilapsidated plase,

ur hairi legs brushin agains mi legs,
ur tonguetiedness in mi moufh,

ur south gone west, mi best beads
litterin ur bed, & tons uf regrets.

we’ll count our sorri monnies den
& havs anudder arguesment.

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